Beginning work at Reeger’s Farm

Now that the exciting tale of meeting a famous author has been told, we will largely be dealing with my life on the farm. Do not lost hope, though, dear reader. I already plan to have special blogs with features like: Book Reviews, Music Thoughts, Recording New Music Updates, Guest Blogs, and many pictures! Let me begin today with some pictures to illustrate part of what I am doing here at Reeger’s Farm this summer.

This summer is taking me up a serious learning curve. Every day I am learning how to do things that, though often simple, feel revolutionary to me. I won’t build this up to be some huge spiritual revelation to me. It’s not. The excitement of my work turns on this: I have been familiar all my life with what food looks like. Most of us have. Yet, as much as I have interacted with food, its origins have always been shrouded with an element of mystery. For example, look at this green jungle below:

Mysterious Garden (with the chicken coop in the background)

What on earth is going on in there and how does it get onto my plate? Today I learned what and how. In the foreground is a plot of green onions. At this point in their lives, they are living with some friendly neighborhood weeds, but mostly these are onions. On the plot in the back corner of the greenhouse, there are big leafy plants coming out of the ground. Beneath those leafs: radishes. Today I picked both.

Radishes: the bulbs were in the ground!

Green onions, both purple and white

Getting these guys out of the ground is a step, but they are still a little earthy, if you noticed. We carried these baskets to the prep kitchen where we peeled off the outside layers of the onions and washed the radishes. After arranging them in baskets along with some bags of spinach, chard, and other greens, they were ready to be sent to the Wednesday morning vegetable stand in town.

Baskets headed to the market

Green onions ready to go

We had chicken salad tonight with greens picked minutes before dinner. I was pretty tired from work today (we did more than just prepare these baskets) and I think I only realized how fresh the meal was on my last bite. I had tossed it back pretty quickly partially because I was hurrying to get to the driving range before dark. As I finished my final bites, though, it began to rain. The links will wait for another day, and the leaks are growing as I write.


P.S. if any of my reader friends from Nashville or where ever you may now be would like to receive a letter, message me your address on facebook or twitter or text. I am writing letters this summer. It is kind of a thing. Be brave.