Breaking News: Snapping Turtle

Today I was going to begin a series of photo blogs illustrating the layout of the farm, but while I was walking around taking pictures, I ran into this guy and decided to postpone the farm tour:

the snapping turtle crawls along

the snapping turtle crawls along

This turtle was crawling slowly across my path on the way back to the house and I hopped of the work cart I was driving to get a better look.

the turtle slooped back into its shell when I came closer to take its picture

On top of the regular pleasure of encountering friendly wildlife on the farm, this turtle was particularly gigantic! Thinking already of blogging these pictures, I thought you might like some way to tell how big it was:

I am glad the snapping turtle let me get close enough to put my shoe down

Those of you who were really hoping for a farm tour, tune in tomorrow!