Reeger’s Farm Tour, Part 1: House and Greenhouses

I am living with the Masterson’s this summer. Mary, Chris, Annie (who is on a mission in Moldova until next week), Paul, and Molly. We live here:

the Masterson house

On any given sunny summer day, this is the view from the backyard, with one exception. The 1977 M&M brown Mercedes  belongs to our neighbors, who loaned it to Molly this week for her junior prom.

To the right of where I took this picture is our greenhouse:

radishes, green onions, carrots, lettuces, cilantro, arugula, mixed greens, and more!

The only field crop we are harvesting currently is asparagus. Aside from that, this greenhouse supplies most of the produce we sell in town and through the co-op. In the front of this picture, the smaller plants are lettuce and basil that we just put in earlier this week. We did not plant them here from seed for, as you can see, they are already growing over the ground. We start many of our vegetables in another greenhouse by the market. They grow in small pockets in a plastic tray until they are large enough to transplant, then we move them to the raised beds.

Here is the greenhouse by the market:

the tomatoes spend the afternoons in the sun

All sorts of vegetables are just getting started here. We will transplant many of these into the fields soon.

This week we have been handling a lot of asparagus, and as some of you have mentioned, I have tended to talk a lot about it. Tomorrow I will give you a glimpse into this mysterious green, if I can remember to bring my camera when we pick, that is.