Reeger’s Farm Tour, Part 2: Chicken Coop

Behind the house there is a cozy chicken coop where we are raising a dozen or so hens. They are no longer chicks but they are not yet laying. They are intermediate chickens, you could say. This is where they live:


To the left of this coop is the chickens pecking yard. Once they are too big to fit through the fence, we will let them out to roam happily through this tasty place.

Mary supposes that these chickens will be laying eggs near the end of summer. I will note that I am surprised but how little it takes to keep chickens. We fill up their food and water every day and they keep growing. Soon we are going to shovel out their manure and add it to the compost pile! And here they are, the chickens themselves:


These chickens are pretty easy to spook. When I arrived for this photo shoot, there was quite a bit of scrambling for cover.

I hollered something friendly too them, but they could not distinguish my kind tone of voice. They were scared simply because I was loud. Poor chickens!

Eventually they got curious enough to see what I was doing.


Thanks for reading! Tomorrow there will be a sweet surprise!