Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are early this year, along with everything else. I can’t remember exactly, but our season is about 2 or 3 weeks ahead of schedule because of an onset of warm weather early in the spring. When I was up here in March for spring break it was beautiful and sunny, which is not normal for western PA in March.

We picked strawberries today and Tuesday. The patch isn’t producing enough to send to markets, but we pick it to keep it clean until the season really picks up. After dinner Tuesday night, a group of us made strawberry jam with the baskets we collected. Below I shall document this process in the best way I can, with pictures! Sweet, mostly-red pictures!

The strawberry patch

Elusive strawberries, hiding!

A lovely bowl about to be sliced

Sliced berries about to be mashed!

I was the masher

Before and After

2 cups of berries, 2 cups of sugar! (and that’s only half the sugar required by the recipe)

Stirring it up and mixing in the pectin, which makes it into jelly/jam

Jarring the Jam

Before freezing the jam sits for 24 hours

Elliot with a strawberry

Carter with a strawberry, Elliot looking on

These two children belong to Chelsea and Jason who live down next door. They provide great entertainment which I am channeling into my blog.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up and enjoy this jam on my toast. I will take a picture then and lightning blog it!

Also welcome back to the states, Annie!