Weekend in Atlanta pt.2

Saturday, before the wedding, Sawyer, Cooper, Clay, Mariel, Allie, and I took a trip up Stone Mountain!

Cooper had on his trusty finger-shoes and Sawyer was wearing flip flops. I was wearing Sawyer’s basketball shorts and my city shoes. For those who are wondering, my city shoes are generally for light use only, in casual situations that do not involve work. These shoes also contrast with my work shoes, which I use on the farm. Those still curious might refer to the picture in this previous post.

However well equipped each of us were (Mariel was also wearing borrowed sandals) we pressed on up the mountain!

At long last we made it to the top where we enjoyed a nice lunch of blueberries and cold pizza. On a side note, I think there should be a better term for cold pizza than “cold pizza” because a lot of people like to eat pizza that way and it sounds derogatory to call the pizza simply “cold” or “left-over.” I am open to suggestions.


This is me. I have found I rarely blog with pictures of myself, so here I am!

At the top!

Yes, as you can see above, Cooper did have his frisbee and yes, he did begin to throw it around. Miraculously we made it to the bottom without any broken bones and the frisbee still in hand.

Stay tuned for part 3, which will feature a wonderful agricultural exclusive!



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