Behind our greenhouse a patch of wild blackberries has arisen out of a pile of irrigation pipe. For whatever reason this place was suitable and the patch has run wild, much to our pleasure. Along the way we have done minimal maintenance to keep the bushes from falling over or obscuring our path, but the large portion of the work was done by nature. This week we begin to benefit richly from that blessing.

The gift does not come entirely free, though. As you can see, these berries are guarded by thorns on every side! Since we don’t really prune or manage the patch, reaching the center, where many of the sweet berries grow, is a perilous task! Only a blackberry cobbler like the one we made for the 4th of July could make such a risk worth taking!

Tomorrow I have some assorted pictures to share from our week. Also, I realize I suggested earlier that they’re would be a third blog about Atlanta. That blog is still forthcoming, but I am waiting until I can present the experience in its fullness, which requires that I gather more information. I will put up the third installment as soon as time allows.


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