Farm Food, Pt.1


this week I am going to be sharing a number of dishes that we have had over the last week. When I loaded my pictures from the last few days, I realized most of them were of food. So I have taken a cue and decided to give you all an inside look. I can say this much to begin. I haven’t eaten this well since I left my folks’ for college, and I am a little afraid of what will happen when I leave. I am doing what I can to maintain a sense of the importance of cooking daily, though.

Feta and spinach lamb sausage with rice tabouli and a lemon sour cream sauce, along with fresh bread and a tomato salad (which I will show fully later this week).

Now it wouldn’t be farm food if we had simply gotten everything from the supermarket. Our lamb is from Jamison Farm in Latrobe, PA. They are set up in the spot next to ours at the Ligonier Farmer’s Market. The ciabatta bread is from Mediterra Bakehouse, also from Ligonier. We got the tomatoes from our Amish friends Sylvia and Mervin. They are growing their tomatoes in a tunnel similar to ours. We trade ideas about how to best support tomatoes on a trellis. I will share that full story soon. And finally, spearmint in the tabouli from our own gardens. Currently retrieving mint is quite perilous as we have found a big long snake has moved into our mint patch!





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