Indiana Sunflowers

When people ask where I am farming this summer, I respond in a number of ways. Sometimes I say Shelocta, sometimes I say Indiana, Pennsylvania, other times I just say western PA. All of these are correct, in a way. If you were to look at the address of Reeger’s Farm, it would be in Shelocta, PA, but telling folks I farm in Shelocta draws blank stares from all but the most locally attuned people. It is often more helpful to say we farm in Indiana County, or near Indiana, PA, which is the closest town of any considerable size. Every week we drive in to Indiana for a number of things: the hardware store, groceries, delicious frozen custard from The Meadows, and other errands. Driving into town today there are two fields of sunflowers that a kind man on the edge of town has planted. They are in full bloom to greet those arriving in Indiana.

Welcome to Indiana, PA, the hometown of Jimmy Stewart and some joyful sunflowers!



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