The Last Blueberry Cobbler

We have had a good blueberry season. It was my first blueberry season, at that, and I can say I have enjoyed it in many ways. First, I love picking blueberries. It is a very soothing task and allows lots of thinking room. I have written at least one good song in my head while picking blueberries. Second, blueberries are delicious. I don’t think anything quite compares to the way a handful of berries tastes right off the branch. They aren’t cold from the fridge or soggy like store-bought berries. They are crisp and refreshing.

Third, there is blueberry cobbler. We have made quite a number of cobblers this season and every time we do I say, “Aw, man, I should have documented that.” We have made black and blue cobbler (with blackberries too) and blueberry-peach cobblers. We have done a bit of variation on the recipe and here at the end, I feel I can do OK making cobbler. Last week we picked our last blueberries. The season is almost finished and it isn’t cost effective for us to pick the few remaining berries, which are rather small. So before the berries were gone for the year I decided to make one last cobbler just for you, reader! Check it out!

The stage is set!


The dough

The first and second layers!

This unidentifiable mix is what we call the glaze. Translation: sugar and cornstarch to make the top of this cobbler CRISPY!

I sift the glaze

The final step, which I still don’t understand, is to mysteriously pour boiling water on top of the whole thing! Don’t ask me why, but it works!

Say goodbye to a mushy mystery!

Say hello to crispy cobbler!












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